Staff Picks!

Downtown Roanoke

Tim Pohlad-Thomas:

Hay Rock in Daleville, VA has quickly become my favorite hike around the area. This 8 mile round trip hike is great for many reasons but the top two are that there are not as many people as some of the more well known hikes and once you get to the top of the ridge you have views both directions for the remainder of the hike. For more information click HERE!

Trudy Stevens:

Dragon’s Tooth in Catawba is my undisputed favorite hike, but I’m biased because it was my first date location for me and my fiance. It’s beautiful at any time during the year, but becomes more challenging in the Winter when ice and snow cover the rocks. Make sure you climb the tooth at the top for the best view, but do be careful as you’re scrambling up the rocky incline. For more information click HERE!

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